FinishAdapt - About us

FinishAdapt is the specialist supplier of Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protector Sleeves that was established in 1993.

During this time we have defined and developed splice protector technology and are now recognized as the industry leader in the development, manufacture and distribution in this market sector.
FinishAdapt Building
As a leading supplier in the fiber optic and telecommunications sector, we have set the standards of manufacture in the fiber optic fusion splice protector sleeve industry. Our products are approved by BT (formerly British Telecom) and have Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) certification together with approvals from many other clients. FinishAdapt has built a successful track record and a loyal worldwide client base of OEMs, distributors and end users.
Morristown office

Bellcore/Telcordia Certification

We co-operated with Telcordia (previously BellCore) in re-defining the Generic Requirements for Single Fiber Fusion Splice Protectors (GR-1380-CORE) and the Special Report on this subject (SR-1430). FinishAdapt became the first and currently only, Fusion Splice Protector manufacturer to become approved for Telcordia (previously BellCore) Certification for this product with the issue of Certification and Eligibility Test Report TCR-08. (Other manufacturers can only claim compliance).

Today our headquarters are located in premises in Swindon, UK. From here our dedicated and highly experienced sales and product development team operate. Manufacturing and packaging facilities operate in the UK and Far East and premises in the eastern USA. We stock a complete range, with over 5 million splice sleeves which are available for immediate distribution worldwide.